There will be many opportunities to experience The Arts at  STEAM Fest! 

Some of the highlights that are available this year:

Scheduled Art Classes, Walk through Fibonacci Numbers, Grid Painting, an Interactive Dance Class, and an opportunity to help paint an Outdoor Mural.

If you are interested in adding an art class to your STEAM Fest Experience, take note:

Art Classes can be added on to a child's ticket only.  Parents must accompany children ages 12 and under at their art class.  Only register for one class per child’s ticket. Siblings may not participate unless registered with a ticket. Adults cannot reserve classes under their ticket. 


Art Classes - Reserve a Spot Now!

Participants can pre-register for the following art classes by purchasing a ticket to STEAM Fest and "adding on" an art class (for free!!)

10:30 – Do Squids Have Lips? (Ages 9+) 

Participants will experience the connection between art, science and math while dissecting a squid.

12:00 – Kaleidoscopes (Ages 4+) 

Participants will use both math and science to create a kaleidoscope. They will explore light, reflection and symmetry while having fun with design.


1:30 – Clay Critters (Ages 9+)

Participants will explore the science of nature’s own sculpting material…CLAY! They will learn how to create a pinch pot critter from air dry clay. They will learn how to add features such as eyes, teeth, hair, etc. Your critter can be painted at home once dry. 


3:00 – Sphero Robot Painting (Ages 7+) 

Participants will create an abstract painting with the assistance Sphero robots. They will learn how to “drive” the robots through paint to begin their painting and then complete their painting with traditional tools. 

Art Classes - First Come, First Serve

Participants can wait in line the day of STEAM Fest to attend the following Art Classes:

10:30 – Dandelion Watercolor (4+) – Participants will combine art and science while exploring the painting techniques of wax resist, wet on wet, alcohol reaction and salt reaction to create a beautiful dandelion. 


12:00 – Do Squids have Lips? (9+) - Participants will experience the connection between art, science and math while dissecting a squid.

1:30  Radial Printmaking (7+) – Participants will combine art and math to create beautiful radial prints. They will learn printmaking techniques using a variety of materials to create their one of a kind prints. 

3:00 – Bubble Art (all ages) – What is surface tension? Discover the property of water called surface tension and how you can make abstract art. Participants will learn color theory and color mixing, properties of liquids and gases and what defines abstract art.